Why is it more important to know the percentage of body fat than weight?
A simple example to understand this concept: Imagine two people, both have the same age, the same height and weigh the same. One is slender, does regular exercise and feeds well, and the other is overweight, sedentary and in poor physical condition. Why? Because the athletic person has a higher percentage of muscle in relation to the percentage of body fat and muscle weighs more than fat.
People who are overweight have a high percentage of body fat, because the body keeps excess calories in the form of fat. In addition, most of these people are sedentary, and have lost part of their muscle mass.
When you want to lose weight, the biggest concern is usually only the numbers that the scale tells you and this is a mistake. The scale does not tell you how much fat you are losing, and the goal in any weight loss program is the loss of body fat.
Weight loss alone is a misconception. The goal is to focus on fat loss and muscle gain, not only to have a leaner body, but to increase metabolic efficiency and have a stable weight.
The number you read on the scale, It does not tell you how much fat you're losing. And unfortunately, with low-calorie diets, not only metabolic efficiency is decreased, but muscle mass is lost.
One way to monitor your progress is to measure the circumference of your arms, chest, waist, hips and thighs, the day you start your weight loss program, and re-measure yourself after 30 days. The inches you lose are a measure of the fat your body is consuming. Now if you want to measure the percentage of body fat the first day and day thirty would be much more effective and accurate.

Diseases associated with excess body fat are the following:

♦ Heart disease and stroke.
♦ Type 2 diabetes.
♦ Some types of cancer.
♦ Bladder disease.
♦ Sleep apnea, Etc.

The normal range of normal body fat percentage is:

♦ Women under 30 years of age from 17% to 24%.
♦ Women over 30 years of age from 20% to 27%.
♦ Men under 30 years of age from 14% to 20%.
♦ Men over 30 years of age from 17% to 23%.
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