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Do you want to do an evaluation to know where to start or measure your progress each month?

With each evaluation we measure the following parameters:

   1-Calculate percentage of body fat (anthropometric method of the Department of Defense)

   2-Calculate the waist-hip ratio (RH)

   3-Calculate the basal metabolic rate (BMR)

   4-Calculate the body mass index (BMI)

   5-Calculate lean body mass (LBM)

   6-Calculate fat body mass (FBM)

   7-Generate a PDF report that will be sent to you.

Indications for Evaluations

  1. Make your payment
  2. We will create your account and in less than 24 hours, you will receive an email where you will receive an invitation to install our Remote Screen Mobile Application, follow the e-mail instructions and do not forget the code at the end of this.
  3. Fill in the necessary data in the mobile application.
  4. Every month you can carry out your evaluation by doing step 1 only, where we will carry out a comparative evaluation to measure progress.
  5. Your evaluation will be ready depending on how fast you send us the photos in SPORTS CLOTHES ADJUSTED TO THE BODY.
  6. We protect the privacy of the client, so we will not publish any photo without prior consent.


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