Raúl González
Raúl González, Personal Trainer and Bachelor of Therapeutic Massage in Miami, Florida.

His purpose at the beginning of these two careers in 2010 was to solve health problems he faced, which eventually became a life purpose. His passion for helping people and guiding them on the path to a healthy life have led him to continue learning every day and overcome obstacles constantly; making plans and strategies to help many people lose weight and reach their full potential.

His philanthropic work has led him to work with foundations such as La Ventana de Cielos by singer Ricardo Montaner and his wife Marlene, which offers alternative activities for children with special needs and The Power of 5, Amway's foundation that fights against child malnutrition around the world. world. He is currently working on his own project Cazadores de Sonrisas, helping children with special conditions to have better lives.

With its focus on healthy living, recently created its own mobile application "4321 NutriFitness" so that everyone can access with a simple click to a program of exercises, meal plans and many more tools, to guide them, teach them that if you can and give them support throughout the program.
 36% of the American adult population is obese, which makes up more than a third of those people. We must do something about it. Change your mind, change your health. To ask for your advice, please send us an email to info@4321nutrifitness.com or call us at 786-970-1399. We will gladly answer your questions.